• L’orecchio di Dioniso

    Mozart, Great Mass in C minor k427


    Excellent and refined the conducting of Michele Nitti, who imposed balance and musicality.



    Alessandro Romanelli

  • Teatro Petruzzelli Prokof’ev Classical Symphony

    The execution of the Missa in honorem SS Trinitatis (Mozart) enthused the large audience thanks to the clear and balanced conducting of Nitti

    He exalted the clarity, the simplicity and the tender expressivness of the score.

    Nitti conducted the orchestra with abundance of colours and engaging vitality.

    Sparkling and at the dame time very graceful che execution of the Classical Symphony of Prokof’ev.


    Nicola Sbisà

    Gazzetta del mezzogiorno

  • Orchestra and Choir Teatro Petruzzelli

    The Orchestra and choir of the Teatro Petruzzelli enchant the audience

    Memorable concert for quality of execution and conducting.

    The orchestra is a triumphe of melodies and majestic phrases that the orchestra realises in an execution of dazzling beauty.

    The excellent conducting of Nitti who chisels alla the phrases with humble respect of the score (Missa in honorem SS Trinitaria – Mozart), returns to the audience the famous Mozart’s piece with renewed freshness.

    In the Classical Symphony n.1 of Prokof’ev orchestra and conductor navigate peacefully and with magnificent expressiveness.

    Enzo Garofalo

    Fame di Sud


  • L’orecchio di Dioniso – www.circuitomusica.it

    Requiem Fauré

    Great heed for work, an uncommon sensitivity in the dynamics and phrasing, and high-level musicality.

  • Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno

    Sacred nights 2012

    Requiem Fauré

    The program is entrusted to the expert and sensitive leadership of Michele Nitti. The sober and earnest conductorship has fully exalted the spirit of the composition. The wonderful execution dragged the large audience.

  • GB opera magazine

    The conducting of Pimpinone is entrusted to Michele Nitti, who conducts with  taste and elegance.

  • Libertà – Quotidiano di Piacenza

    In “Pimpinone” relives the drama of the eighteenth century. Triumph at the Nicolini’s Concert Hall.

    A jump into the past, therefore, proposed gently and gracefully.

  • Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno

    Tina Guo with the Symphonic Orchestra. Michele Nitti on the podium

    Very good and fruitful agreement between conductor, soloist and enthusiastic audience, for a performance that has returned to the music all its captivating pregnancy (Saint-Saens Cello Concerto No. 1).

    Nitti, who had opened the evening with a fiery interpretation of the Euryanthe ouverture, then gave a wonderful test of amplitude sound and of insinuating melodiousness of the Haydn’s score (Symphony No. 103)

  • Art news – www.cannibali.it


    The young conductor Michele Nitti, musician with great  technical skill, rare sensitivity and expressive force. He has assured, once again, an artistic increase of the orchestra that he can dominate in an excellent way thanks to the clarity, balance and elegance of the gesture. But in general, we can see the attention of the conductor to the composer’s thought of the music and to the creative energy of the score: without limits of periods, schools, or nationality. He also confirmed it in this concert program between 700th and contemporaneity.

  • Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno

    Italian premiere of the lithuanian composer, Senderovas

    Soloist valuable, the croatian cellist Jelena Ocic, very talented young musician, in exemplary unity of purpose with Michele Nitti, impeccable in the conducting of Senderovas’ cello concert.

     Nitti conducted Schubert (Zauberharfe ouverture) with great and enthralling vitality, warmly applauded.